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IMPORTANT: If you have any food allergies or intolerance's, please speak to our staff about the ingredients in your meals before placing your order. Thank you. NOTE: Indian menu starts as of 5PM.
Perfect Choice Chicken Meal Deals
Special Bucket Offer Mon- Thurs£12.9912 Pcs chicken, 6 hot wings & 3 regular fries
Super Bucket£15.9912 Pcs chicken, 6 hot wings & 4 regular fries
Mixed Meal£4.00More1 Pc chicken, 2 wings, fries & can of drink
6 Wings Meal£4.20More6 wings with regular fries & can of drink
6 Nugget Meal£4.80More6 nuggets with regular fries & can of drink
10 Nuggets Meal£5.8010 nuggets with regular fries & can of drink
Start Bucket£9.206 Pcs of chicken, 3 regular fries
Adult Popcorn Meal£4.00More15 popcorn chicken with regular fries & can of drink
2 Pieces Meal£4.30More2 Pcs of chicken, regular fries, can of drink or side
3 Pieces Meal£5.50More3 Pcs of chicken, Regular fries, can of drink or side
Variety Meal£5.80More2 Pcs of chicken, 2 Spicy wing, 1 Crispy chicken strip, Regular fries, can of drink or side
Perfect Meal£6.00More1 Pcs of chicken, 2 spicy wings, 3 Nuggets, 2 ribs, regular fries, can of drink or side
Adult Nugget Meal£6.80More14 nuggets with dips, regular fries, can of drink
Choice Strip Meal£5.20More4 Pcs chicken strips with dip, regular fries, can of drink or side
Boneless Feast£6.00More2 mini fillets, 10 popcorn chicken with dips, chips & drink
Chicken Burger Meal£4.90MoreChicken fillet burger, regular fries and can of drink. Also available hot & spicy flavour
Big Boss Meal£6.80More2 Pcs chicken fillet, 3 slices of cheese, fries & can of drink
Supreme Burger Meal£5.50MoreChicken fillet in a bun with hash brown & cheese, regular fries, can of drink or side
Tortilla Wrap Meal£4.90More2 Pcs chicken strip in tortilla wrap, regular fries, can of drink or side
Fillet Wrap Meal£5.00MoreChicken Fillet with lettuce and mayonnaise, chips and drink
Veggie Burger Meal£4.50MoreVeggie burger, regular fries, can of drink or side
Combo Box£6.00MoreChicken Burger, 2 wings, 5 popcorn chicken & can of drink
Supreme Combo Box£7.50MoreSupreme burger, 1 chicken crispy strips, 2 nuggets, 2 wings, regular fries & drink
Bargain Bucket£11.998 Pcs of chicken, 4 regular fries
Choice Bucket£13.496 Pcs of chicken, 4 hot wings, 4 chicken strips, 4 regular fries
Mega Bucket£15.99More10 Pcs of chicken, 4 Regular fries, 1.5ltr bottle of drink
Best Family Bucket£22.99More14 Pcs of chicken, 6 regular fries, 1 coleslaw, 1 beans, 1.5ltr bottle of drink
Variety Bucket£15.996 Pcs of chicken, 4 wings, 2 chicken burger, 4 regular fries
Boneless Bucket£16.008 Pcs of chicken strips, 10 nuggets, 15 popin chicken, big fillet, 4 regular fries
Pizza Menu
Margherita£6.99MoreTomato sauce base with cheese
Mediterranean Garden£8.99MoreTomato, onions, peppers, mushrooms, sweetcorn and olives
Spicy Vegetarian£8.99MoreMixed peppers, onions, tomato, chillies
BBQ Veggie£8.99MoreBBQ Sauce, mixed peppers, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes
The Sicilian£8.99MoreMixed peppers, jalapeno and oregano
Chicken Feast£9.99MorePlain chicken, mushrooms, sweetcorn
BBQ Chicken£9.99MoreBBQ Chicken, mushrooms, peppers, BBQ Sauce, sweetcorn and onions
Hot Chick£9.99MoreSpicy chicken, mixed peppers, sweetcorn and onions
Hawaiian Heaven£10.99MoreHam and pineapple
Country House£10.99MoreHam & mushroom
Meaty Madness£10.99MoreNew pepperoni, Ham, Spicy Beef, Salami
Ocean Catch£10.99MoreNew tuna, prawns and tomato
Classic£10.99Moreham, mushroom, pepperoni and salami
Spicy Beef£10.99MoreSpicy beef, chillies, onions and tomatoes
The Mexican£10.99MoreMexican chicken, jalapeno chillies, onions and mixed peppers
Pepperoni Perfect£10.99MoreDouble pepperoni, double cheese
Create your Own£10.99MoreAny 4 toppings of your choice
Pizza Deals
Available for Collection ONLY
Pizza Deal One£10.99MoreAny Large Pizza 12", 4 Spicy Wings & 500ml Bottle of soft drink (collection only)
Pizza Deal Two£14.99MoreAny 2 9" Pizzas, 1 portion potato wedges, 1 coleslaw & 1 ben & jerrys ice cream (collection only)
Pizza Deal 3£18.99MoreAny 15" Pizza, choice from garlic bread (4) or spicy wings (4) & 2 cans of soft drink (collection only)
Pizza Deal Four£24.99MoreAny 12" Pizza, 4 Pcs chicken, 8 spicy wings, 2 fillet burger, 1 garlic pizza bread, 3x regular fries, 10 onion rings, coleslaw, Beans & 1.5ltr bottle of soft drink (collection only)
Burgers & Wraps
Chicken Fillet Burger£2.80More
Chicken Fillet Wrap£3.00Chicken fillet burger with Lettuce and mayonnaise.
Supreme Burger£3.50Chicken Fillet burger with hash brown and cheese
Big Boss Burger£4.50Double chicken fillet with three slices of cheese
Hot & Spicy Supreme Burger£3.50Chicken fillet burger with hash brown, lettuce, cheese and chilli sauce
Tortilla Wrap£3.002 Pieces of crispy chicken strips, lettuce and mayonnaise
Veggie Burger£2.50More
Chicken & Ribs
1 Piece of Chicken£1.30
2 Pieces of Chicken£2.40
1 Piece of Chicken with Fries£2.50
3 Pieces of Chicken with Fries£5.00
Portion of Ribs (4)£3.50More
Spicy Wings£1.80More
BBQ Wings£2.50More
Nuggets & Popcorn
Chicken Fillet£2.20
Chicken Nuggets£2.90More
Popcorn Chicken£1.80More
Crispy Chicken Strips£2.90More
Side Orders
Chicken Strip (4pc)
Pizza Garlic Bread£2.29
Pizza Garlic Bread + Cheese£2.99
Garlic Bread (4)£1.99
Garlic Bread with Cheese (4)£2.99
Potato Wedges with Dip Pot£2.99More
Potato Skins with Cheese (5)£4.50
Potato Skins with Cheese and 1 Pizza Topping£5.50More
6 Onion Rings with Dip£1.60More
10 Onion Rings with Dip£2.20More
Side Special
BBQ Beans£1.00
Dips Pot£0.30MoreGarlic & herb, BBQ, Sweet Chilli, Mayo, Ketchup, Burger sauce, Hot Chilli
Kids Meals
7" Cheese & tomato Pizza (Any 2 Toppings) With a can of drink£4.50More
1 Piece of chicken, Regular Fries & Can of Drink£3.00More
4 Hot Wings, Regular Fries & Can of Drink£3.00More
4 Nuggets, Regular Chips and Can of Drink£3.80More
8 Popcorn Chicken, Regular Chips and can of drink£3.00More
Happy Meal£4.00More2 nuggets, 1 hot wing, 5 popcorn chicken, chips & drink
Apple Pie£1.50
Ben & Jerry's Tub (500ml)£5.50
Bottle (500ml)£1.30More
Bottle (1.5Ltr)£2.30More
Indian Starters
1. Prawn Puri£3.50
2. King Prawn Puri£4.00King prawn cooked in medium fresh spices served on puri bread
3. Chicken Tikka Puri£3.50Cooked with medium spices, served on puri bread
4. Chicken or Lamb Chat£3.50MoreSliced chicken or lamb in a tangy peppery sauce
5. Chicken or Lamb Tikka£4.00MoreMarinated in yoghurt and tandoori spices, cooked in clay oven, served with salad and mint sauce
6. Tandoori King Prawn£5.00Marinated in yoghurt and tandoori spices cooked in clay oven & served with salad & mint sauce
7. Tandoori Chicken (Quarter)£2.95Spring chicken marinated in yoghurt and tandoori spices, cooked in clay oven & served with salad and mint sauce
8. Sheek Kebab£3.00Minced lamb cooked in clay oven & served with salad and mint sauce
9. Shamee Kebab£3.00Minced lamb burger spiced and cooked in butter, served with salad and mint sauce
10. Mixed Kebab£4.00An assortment of sheek kebab, shamee, kebab & onion bhaji
11. Tandoori Mix£6.50Combination of tandoori chicken, lamb tikka, chicken tikka and sheek kebab, served with salad and mint sauce
12. Vegetable Puri£2.35Vegetables cooked with medium spices, served on puri bread
13. Aloo Chat£2.35Potatoes spiced and cooked in tangy, peppery sauce
14. King Prawn Butterfly£4.00Minced lamb cooked in clay oven & served with salad and mint sauce
15. Nan Roll£3.50Rolled with kebab inside and served with salad and mint sauce
16. Chicken Tikka Roll£5.00Rolled with chicken tikka inside and served with salad and mint sauce
17. Meat or Vegetable Samosa£2.30Meat/Vegetable triangular shaped flake pastry, served with mint sauce
18. Onion Bhaji£2.20Fresh sliced onion battered, fried in oil and served with mint sauce
19. Dall Soup£2.25Spiced lentils with slice of lemon
20. Chicken Pakora£4.00
21. Prawn Cocktail£2.25
Tandoori Specialities
22. Tandoori Chicken (Whole)£9.95Four pieces of chicken on the bone, marinated in yoghurt & aromatic spices, barbecued in clay oven, served with salad and mint sauce
23. Tandoori Chicken (Half)£5.50Two pieces of chicken on the bone, marinated in yoghurt & aromatic spices, barbecue in clay oven, served with salad and mint sauce
24. Chicken or Lamb Tikka£6.00MoreDiced chicken or lamb marinated and mildly seasoned. Barbecued in clay oven, served with salad and mint sauce
25. Sheek Kebab£6.50Minced lamb cooked in clay oven & served with salad and mint sauce
26. Chicken or Lamb Shashlick£7.85MoreChicken or lamb with onion, capsicum & tomatoes cooked in clay oven and served with salad and mint sauce
27. Tandoori King Prawn£11.50King prawns mildly seasoned with herbs & spices. Barbecued in clay oven, served with salad and mint sauce
28. Tandoori Mixed Grill£10.45A fabulous selection of tandoori dishes including sheek kebab, lamb tikka, chicken tikka, tandoori king prawns & tandoori chicken. Served with salad, plain naan and mint sauce
Perfect Choice Specialities
29. Perfect Choice Special£7.95Marinated chicken or lamb, char-grilled then cooked in rich sauce of a selection of aromatic spices & mint yoghurt giving a sweet & sour flavour. Garnished with fried red onion giving a relatively hot flavour
30. Manchurian£7.25Marinated chicken cooked in charcoal oven, fresh onion, green peppers with special tandoori sauce. Medium to fairly hot
31. Achari Chicken/Meat Tikka£7.25Tender chicken or lamb cooked with herbs, spices, onions, capsicum and garlic. Flavoured with medium spice & mixed pickles, giving a sweet and sour flavour
32. Murgh Akbari£7.25Charcoal grilled chicken cooked with chickpeas, potatoes, lots of diced fried onions, capsicum and fresh coriander. Highly flavoured.
33. Spicy Chicken Chilli Masala£7.30Strips of boneless chicken fillet cooked with onion, green peppers, fresh herbs and spices
34. Garlic Chilli Chicken Tikka£7.30Marinated chicken tikka cooked with diced green chillies & diced garlic. Fairly hot taste
35. Chicken Tikka Passanda£7.25Cooked with mild spices, various nuts and fresh cream
36. Naga Chicken or Lamb Tikka£7.25MoreA hot and aromatic dish cooked with chopped onions, garlic and hot naga chilli from Bangladesh, Must try!
37. Shatkora Chicken or Lamb Tikka£7.25MoreA delicious dish cooked in thick sauce with onions, garlic, fresh coriander and shatkora (a Bangladeshi wild lemon) Must try!
38. Mouchak Chicken or Lamb Tikka£7.25MoreChicken or lamb cooked with medium spice, topped with honey in a creamy sauce.
39. Zaki Chicken or Lamb Tikka£7.25Prepared with aromatic spice producing hot, sweet & sour tase with naga chilli pickle.
40. Dim Special£8.50Marinated tandoori chicken (off the bone) with eggs cooked in aromatic spices.
Chef's Recommendation
41. Chicken/Lamb Tikka Massala£7.30MoreDiced chicken or lamb grilled over charcoal, cooked in medium spices with cream and butter to chef's own recipe
42. Tandoori Chicken Massala£7.50Charcoal grilled tandoori chicken cooked in medium spices with cream and butter to chef's own recipe
43. Tandoori King Prawn Massala£10.50Charcoal grilled king prawns cooked in medium spices with cream and butter to chef's own recipe
44. Tandoori King Prawn Jalfrezi£10.50King prawns cooked in a thick curry sauce made with a variety of herbs, spices, onions and green chillies. Hot Curry
45. Chicken or Lamb Tikka Jalfrezi£7.30MoreChicken or lamb cooked with fresh ginger & green chillies in a thick curry sauce
46. Vegetable Jalfrezi£4.95Vegetable cooked with fresh ginger & green chillies in a thick curry sauce
47. Butter Chicken£7.30Diced boneless chicken marinated with spices and green herbs. Cooked in a clay oven with butter. Served with special sauce
48. Korai Chicken/Lamb Tikka£7.30MoreChicken or lamb cooked with fresh onions, capsicum and tomatoes. With it's own unique flavour
49. Korai Tandoori King Prawn£10.50Charcoal grilled king prawns cooked with onions, capsicum, tomatoes and selected oriental spices
50. Chicken/Lamb Tikka Bombay£7.30MoreChicken or lamb cooked with potato and oriental spices
Old Favourites
51. Saag Dishes£5.50MoreCooked with onions, tomatoes, freshly spiced in medium sauce with spinach & a hint of garlic
52. Bhuna£4.50MoreChopped onions, capsicum, tomatoes seasoned with fresh herbs & spices giving medium strength
53. Rogan£4.50MoreSpiced with herbs, garnished with tomatoes giving medium strength
54. Dansak£4.50MorePrepared with lentils, lemon juice & aromatic spices producing hot, sweet & sour taste
55. Pathia£4.50MoreHot, sweet & sour tasting dish extensively prepared with onions, tomatoes & a touch of garlic
56. Dupiaza£4.50MoreCubes of onion, capsicum & tomatoes, seasoned with fresh herbs & spices giving a medium strength
57. Curries£4.50MoreLightly spiced curry cooked in relatively medium sauce
58. Madras£4.20MoreHot curry extensively prepared with red chilli, lemon juice and a touch of tomato puree giving a medium hot taste
59. Vindaloo£4.50MoreAn extremely hot dish cooked in a very hot spicy sauce with potatoes, giving it a sizzling taste
60. Kurma£4.50MoreAn exceptionally mild & sweet curry cooked with coconut, almond and cream sauce
61. Malayan£4.50MorePrepared with diced pineapple, coconut and almond with rich creamy sauce
62. Kashmiri£4.50MorePrepared with lychees, bananas, coconut & mild spices in rich creamy sauce
63. Balti£5.50More
Birianies consist of pilau rice cooked together with oriental spices, flavoured with saffron & served with vegetable curry
64. Chicken/Lamb£7.50More
65. Chicken/Lamb Tikka£9.10More
66. King Prawn£9.50
67. Tandoori King Prawn£11.25
68. Prawn£7.50
69. Vegetable or Mushroom£6.00More
70. Mixed Tandoori Biriani£10.00
71. House Special Biriani£9.95Prawns, chicken and lamb mixed
A tasty selection of vegetable accompaniments. Medium or mildly spiced
72. Aloo Gobi£3.30Potatoes & Cauliflower
73. Bombay Aloo£3.30Potatoes
74. Bhindi Bhajee£3.30Okra
75. Brinjal Bhajee£3.30Aubergine
76. Chana Masala£3.30Chickpeas
77. Cauliflower Bhajee£3.30
78. Dall Masala£3.30
79. Dall Samba£3.30
80. Mushroom Bhajee£3.30
81. Mixed Vegetable Curry£3.30
82. Sag Bhajee£3.30Spinach
83. Sag Aloo£3.30Spinach and potatoes
84. Tarka Dall£3.30Lentils
85. Sag Paneer£3.95Spinach and cheese
86. Matar Paneer£3.95Peas and cheese
87. Keema Peas£6.95Peas and minced meat
A tasty selection of light, fluffy rice. Flavoursome and aromatic
88. Plain Rice£1.95
89. Pilau Rice£2.45
90. Lemon Rice£2.95
91. Special Rice£2.95Peas and egg
92. Mushroom Rice£2.95
93. Vegetable Rice£2.95
94. Egg Fried Rice£2.95
95. Keema Pilau Rice£2.95Rice mixed with minced meat
96. Peas Pilau Rice£2.95
97. Coconut Rice£2.95
98. Onion Rice£2.95
Naan Bread
99. Plain Naan£1.95
100. Chicken Tikka Naan£2.50
101. Keema Naan£2.30
102. Peshwari Naan£2.30
103. Kulcha Naan£2.30
104. Garlic Naan£2.30
105. Cheese Naan£2.50
106. Garlic Chilli Naan£2.50
107. Tandoori Roti£2.30
108. Paratha£1.95
109. Stuffed Paratha£2.50
110. Chapati£1.20
111. Puri£1.20
112. Plain Papadum/Spiced Papadum£0.70More
113. Mixed Pickle/Mango Chutney£0.70More
114. Mixed Raitha/Dohi£2.00
115. Onion Salad/Lime Pickle£0.70More
116. Mint Sauce£0.70
117. Chips£2.50
Set Meals
118. Set Meal For Two£26.002 Papadums, Chicken Tikka, Sheek Kebab, Chicken Tikka Masala, Meat Bhuna, Vegetable Curry, 2 Pilau Rice and 1 Naan Bread
119. Set Meal For Four£49.954 Papadums, Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Sheek Kebab, Onion Bhajee, Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Bhuna, Chicken Dupiaza, Meat Dansak, Sag Aloo, mushroom bhajee, 2 Pialu Rice, 2 Onion Rice, 2 Naan & 1 Kema Naan
Special Offer
Special Offer (collection only)£16.002 Papadums, Mint Sauce, 1 Chicken Korma, 1 Chicken Madras, 1 Bombay Aloo, 1 Pilau Rice and 1 naan
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